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Notable Signs Of Labor: The First Indication of The Child Birth

Giving birth to a new life is an emotional moment in itself as it overshadows the pain and challenges that a pregnant woman had to experience. Not every pregnant woman knows how it feels to go into labor, what is the experience really like, and also if it’s really the time or is just a false alarm. To help those moms, we have collated useful information about the signs of labour that indicate it’s time to welcome the baby. Read further to know what these signs are.

Understanding what labor is
Labor, also known as childbirth, is the process that starts with contractions in the uterus and ends with the delivery of the baby. Many pregnant women are not sure when they are in labor as they are not able to read signs. To ease their confusion, we have listed down the signs of labor that will tell that the baby is on the way.

Baby “drops”
Just a few weeks (usually two or four) or hours before the labor begins, first-time moms may experience their baby drop and descend into the pelvis. The process is called Lightening. As the baby is getting into the position to make the exit with the head down and low, the gall bladder gets pushed and frequent urination is its result. However, the baby’s movement increases the room for breathing as your little angel is moving away from the lungs.

Cervix Dilation
The cervix too starts to prepare for the child’s birth. Cervix effacement and dilation are what the whole process is called. During labor, the cervix gets shorter and thins out in order to stretch and open around your baby’s head. The shortening and thinning of the cervix are known as effacement. Your health care provider may examine the dilation and effacement to keep you posted.

Belly and Lower Back Pain
Cramping and continuous pain in the lower back are the signs that you are nearing labor. Your muscles and joints are undergoing some changes in preparation for birth. The joints may feel less tight and more relaxed thus making the pregnant mothers usually clumsy in the third trimester.

No more weight gain
As moms reach close to the labor, the weight gain stops and some may even lose a couple of pounds. However, you need not worry that the weight loss will affect your baby’s health. It happens due to lower levels of amniotic fluid, more loo breaks, and increased level of activity.

Urge to Nest
The need for nesting grows more intense when to-be moms are fast approaching labor. It is an overwhelming desire to keep things clean and organized in the house before welcoming the new member.

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