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#1- HD Live  4D Ultrasound in San Diego

Experience the joy and love of bonding with your unborn child while viewing the 3D Ultrasound pictures on a large 70″ x 110′ screen. You can surround yourself with as many of your family and friends as you like in our spacious yet cozy home like environment. For the past six years we have offered a top of the line 3D 4D Ultrasound Experience. We now offer a premium HD Live Experience which you will never forget. Unlike many medical offices, children and families are always welcomed at our studio!!

At Mommy and Me 4D our sonographers are well trained and experienced in 3D 4D Ultrasound imaging and enjoy what they do. They strive to get the best possible images of your baby to ensure you get the most of your time in our studio.

We devote our time and attention to expectant mothers and their families 4D Ultrasound Experience, giving a premium level of service that you deserve when you walk into the studio. We are just a short drive from anywhere in San Diego County including Chula Vista and El Cajon.  Call us now for your baby ultrasound.

San Diego’s Leader in HDLive 5D Ultrasounds

3d 4d Ultrasound and HD LIVE 5D Ultrasound

Clear High Resolution 5D Ultrasounds of Your Unborn Child are here.

4D Ultrasound with  HD ( High Definition ) imaging has been around for a few years but because of the high cost of the machine very few centers offer this amazing ultrasound technology.  HDlive 5D ultrasound technology uses a unique and moveable light source that not only provides both 3D and 4D imaging, but lights up the baby, making it possible for you to see the facial expressions of your baby. You can even watch even watch them yawn or wave.

Many times the basic 3d 4d ultrasound profiles an image that  is hard make out clearly.  HDlive makes it real and more fun.  With HDlive technology you can see baby’s chubby cheeks and nose.  Your baby looks like a real person.   The technology can be used starting in the first trimester of pregnancy, allowing a better assessment of the baby’s development and giving parents a detailed glimpse at their child for the first time.  

HDlive Technology shows the baby’s face allowing you to clearly see the lips, nose, eye lid  the tone of the skin.   It’s such an amazing process. When you start showing the parents their the baby and then flip to HDlive, it takes their breath away.

Mommy and Me 4d is happy to bring this amazing technology to you. Schedule your appointment now and get it on the excitement!!


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