5D Ultrasound Appointments in San Diego

See Your Baby in High-Definition Video

5D ultrasound – Mommy and Me is the newest technology to get a glimpse of the fetus in the womb.

Far from the 2D ultrasound techniques of the 1970s, the Mommy and Me center has the newest 5D technology to get the most detailed view of a growing fetus, weeks or months into a pregnancy.

5D Ultrasound

  • Most realistic image possible
  • “HD Live Silhouette”
  • Latest GE 5D Ultrasound Tech
  • See your child’s movements!
  • Determine gender
  • Projected onto 82” TV screen

Ultrasound imaging technology has gone far since the black-and-white two-dimensional images of the 1950s. Mommy and Me, the best 4D Ultrasound Center in San Diego, is excited to offer soon-to-be parents the newest 5D ultrasound technology.

Capable of capturing instant images of your baby in stunning detail, including shadows, textures, and movement—all cast onto an 82” inch screen for both parents. Beyond determining gender of your offspring, witness the miracle of a pregnancy in modern day.

At Mommy and Me you will experience the best 3D 4D ultrasound. Call now to know more about ultrasound for women planning abortion.

2D ultrasound

The old standard in sonograms. Although the image is more primitive, the 2D ultrasound method can     parents an image of their child as soon as 6 weeks into a pregnancy.

3D/4D Ultrasound

A massive advance from the prior 2D imaging technology, our 3D ultrasound shows you an accurate image of the fetus, with depth and shading.  Or, add the dimension of movement, and see your little one’s movements inside the womb with a 4D ultrasound.

At Mommy and Me you will experience the best 3D 4D ultrasound. Call now.
5D Ultrasound - Mommy and Me, ultrasound military discount

 5D Ultrasound

The 5D Ultrasound shows an incredible, lifelike image of the fetus unlike any other rendering possible. Save detailed, stunning images of the growing fetus on DVDs, or livestream to loved ones.

Depending on patients’ preferences: 

  • Have photo albums printed of the occasion, to remember this beautiful life milestone for years to come.
  • Images of ultrasound can be sent digitally to patients for their own use.
  • Listen to your baby’s heartbeat.
  • Livestream the 5D ultrasound to an unlimited number of guests. Let loved ones in your life witness the growth of the newest member of the family.
  • Allow loved ones to sit in on the occasion in-person. Our rooms can seat the mother, plus a maximum of five guests to come along.
  • Leave the session with a CD containing up to 80 colored and black-and-white images from the ultrasound
  • DVD recording of your baby with music

Find Your Baby’s Gender

During your ultrasound appointment, we can determine your baby’s gender. Get a head start planning for your offspring—don’t wait months longer to start shopping for baby clothes, a crib, and all the other things new parents need to.

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