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Using these Gender Reveal Ultrasound Tips

Many mothers are nervous early on. A good time to come in at the earliest is 6 weeks. You can see a tiny baby with a heartbeat. The gender of your baby cannot be determined until a minimum of 13 weeks if you simply can’t wait. It may still be a bit early so you may have to return for a re-scan. Better to wait until 14-15 weeks. For any of these visits, you will need to come in with a full bladder. We will take care of you with some valuable Gender Reveal Ultrasound Tips.

The beginning time frame for 3d/4d is 20-22 weeks. The baby’s body is fully formed but still small and skeletal in appearance. Nice to see but not many pictures are needed to get the idea. Many mothers like to come in simply for reference and get a mid-term visual of their baby. When you come to Mommy and Me we will surely give you important Gender Reveal Ultrasound Tips which will be helpful for you and your baby.

The ideal time to do a 3d/4d ultrasound to get colored images of your baby’s face is 27-31 weeks. It is fully formed and mostly filled out. It is a fun time for the ultrasound as many times you will see movements like smiling, eyes blinking, hands moving, and many other movements. Up to 32 weeks there is generally still room for the baby to move to different positions.

At 33-36 weeks the baby has grown to a size that makes ultrasound more difficult. The baby has limited room for movement and the head is beginning to descend. An ultrasound can be done and sometimes successfully, however, be aware that it is more unlikely than likely. Your session will be more successful if you come in at an earlier date. These very important Gender Reveal Ultrasound Tips are guides for you to better appreciate seeing your baby in your womb.

When Should You Have an Ultrasound

Take these valuable Gender Reveal Ultrasound Tips

The recommended amount of water to drink during your pregnancy is 64 ounces daily. Water helps clear up the amniotic fluid and ensures there is enough water for your baby. Water also clears your system and makes an incredible difference in the clarity of your ultrasound pictures.

For the best ultrasound pictures, you should begin drinking plenty of water as early as a week before your appointment. A full bladder is needed at the time of your ultrasound for babies who are 16 weeks and earlier. After 16 weeks a full bladder is not necessary.  This may be the best Gender Reveal Ultrasound Tips.

Dress comfortably to your ultrasound with two-piece clothing splitting at the waistline. Remember the technician needs easy access to your tummy!

Unlike medical ultrasound, you do not need to have a full bladder after 16 weeks for 3D ultrasound

You just need to be comfortable and relaxed for the amazing experience that awaits. Having a full bladder does not help much with 3D ultrasound

However, in certain rare cases, the ultrasound technician may request you to come with a full bladder. It generally happens when your baby has moved to an ambiguous position inside the womb or you already have had a failed attempt in getting good images of your baby

After 19 weeks your baby is already developing a sleep pattern, so you may be able to predict the time when your baby is most likely to be awake

It is best your baby is awake at the time of your ultrasound appointment. Drink something cold and sugary 10 minutes before your appointment to wake the baby. You may try drinking orange juice or apple juice a few minutes before or have chocolates. This has shown to help stimulate your baby to move. Otherwise, you can try walking

When Should You Have an Ultrasound

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This is a great time to see your baby for the first time in its earliest development stages. Your baby is now about the size of a chocolate chip. You can see its tiny heart beating but still too small to hear it beating. The Peek at Me Package is only $45.00

Your baby is now the size of a peach. This is a great time to see your baby because its tiny body is developed enough to determine the gender. You can now see the arms and legs as well as see and hear the baby’s heartbeat. The Gender Determination Package is only $58.00

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Your baby is now the approximate size of a Papaya. This is a good time to see your baby as it is now mostly formed with arms, legs, fingers, and toes. The body is still somewhat skeletal and beginning to fill out with fatty tissue. The beginning 34/4d/HD package Sneak Peak is only $75.00

Your baby is now the size of a cauliflower. This is considered the Best time to see your baby’s face as it has now completely filled out. There is still room for the baby turn, if necessary, to get the best position for images. You might even get to see your baby smile or yawn. Any of the 3d/4d/HD packages are great. Packages starting at $75.00

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Your baby is now the size of a pineapple. It is also a great time to see your baby but you better hurry as time is now beginning to run late. It is getting pretty tight in there and difficult for your baby to turn. You might see some resemblance of your baby to you or the father. Great 3d/4d/HD packages only $75.00 – $139.00