Mommy And Me 4D Ultrasound, the best 4D ultrasound san diego provides expectant mothers with a complete Pregnancy Care kit.

The pregnancy care kit that provides expecting mothers safe, non-addictive products that help make your pregnancy healthier and less stressful.

The Complete Mommy Kit comes with five of products that tackle a multitude of issues that come with most pregnancies.

The Lower Back Support is designed to give mothers relief from lower back pain that generally increases as the pregnancy progresses. The lower back support is comfortable and easy to use providing great support during and after pregnancy.

The Belly Band eases belly and back pain and improves your posture by shifting your center of gravity back to normal. The belly band helps distribute the baby’s weight evenly over the belly and back, reducing lower back strain.

The Plasma Flow DVT Prevention Device is a non-medicinal and pill free machine that is approved by the FDA.  The device is designed to help mothers prevent blood clots and improves blood circulation while reducing or eliminating the need for medications. Blood clotting is one of the leading causes of miscarriage.

The TENS Unit eases pain and reduces inflammation up to 24 hours using a low pregnancy safe electrical current.  The device is FDA Approved and comes with 4 electrodes and a portable storage case.

The Breast Pump is a light weight, durable and innovative pumps on the market. It has a Optional battery power and choice of single or double pump options, making it convenient for breastfeeding mothers. It also comes with a shoulder tote bag for easy transport.  Other accessories included are Pure Model Pump, AC Power Adapter, Cooler Bag, Bottles, Caps,  Large, Medium and Small Breast Shields, and Batteries.

These are the things included in the pregnancy care kit that expectant mothers could avail for a less stressful pregnancy. Contact Mommy and Me 4D Ultrasound, the best ultrasound clinic in San Diego.


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