Sneak Peek Gender Blood Test

Learn Your Baby’s Gender Using Your DNA by 7 Weeks of Pregnancy

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Mommy and Me’s Gender Blood Test

For your very earliest gender determination process, call Mommy and Me 4d for a fast and convenient DNA test. See, the clinical 7+ week gender blood test utilizes the shared fetal DNA circulating inside the mother’s bloodstream to naturally examine the growing fetus’ DNA. Our PCR technology is built to detect the presence or absence of the Y chromosome—the genetic signifier of gender—to safely ascertain your baby’s gender at just 7 weeks into pregnancy. If the blood sample indicates presence of the Y chromosome, it’s a boy! Lack of a Y chromosome? You have a baby girl!

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Find Your Baby’s Gender

Learning the gender of your baby is a big moment for parents. Some like to be surprised on the big day, whereas others prefer having the time to develop expectations for their next big phase of life. For those that want to know their child’s gender in advance, there are the practical advantages; such as shopping for baby clothes, a crib, wallpaper for the baby’s room, etc. If you’re the type that likes to be well-prepared, consider scheduling a SneakPeek® Gender Blood Test at Mommy and Me 4D!

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Why Use A Gender Blood Test?

Patients who pursue SneakPeek’s® gender blood test receive results earlier in their pregnancy than an ultrasound. The benefit of an ultrasound is to see the growing fetus with your own eyes while also discovering the gender; whereas the gender blood test skips the process of using imaging to visualize the fetus. Not only that—but the gender blood test can be used earlier in the pregnancy, at about 7 weeks.

Does Mommy and Me 4d Keep Data From My DNA?

Absolutely not. Mommy and Me values patient privacy. Our SneakPeek® tests only for baby’s gender. This is not a medical procedure, so nothing regarding genetics, your blood, or any health-related data is gathered during the blood test. Similarly, neither Mommy and Me nor SneakPeek® sells or shares customer data with third parties.  

Do I Have To Go To A Doctor’s Office?

Mommy and Me 4d does not operate as a doctor’s office—it is a center specialized for ultrasound imaging and tailored to the experience of soon-to-be parents in the San Diego area, including Chula Vista, National City, and La Mesa. So, the Gender Sneak Peek Blood Test does not affect health insurance premiums, nor does it take place at a traditional doctor’s office: it is conducted by a licensed, experienced phlebotomist in our sanitized, safe appointment rooms.

How Accurate is the Gender Sneak Peek Blood Test?

Mommy and Me employs use of the nationally-regarded SneakPeek® gender reveal test, which has been used by nearly half a million soon-to-be parents. It is the most accurate fetal sex test on the market at 7 weeks of pregnancy. A national, multi-blind study was conducted in 2015 that showed the SneakPeek® test has 100% accuracy in determining the gender of newborns. 

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