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Ultrasound Military Discount with Free Live Streaming

Mommy and Me 4d Ultrasound offers a 10% Ultrasound Military DISCOUNT to Military families for Gender Ultrasound, 3D 4D, and 5D ultrasounds!

Aside from the ultrasound military discount, We want to thank our military with FREE live-streaming to all deployed military personnel!  Your overseas loved one can watch your Ultrasound live online or view at their convenience later for up to 2 years.

We believe that it’s important for families to see their children during pregnancy. That’s why we want to extend our gratitude to members of the United States Military with this special promotion—so soon-to-be parents can see their fetuses and share the joy with their closest family and friends.

What are the types of ultrasounds?

You may be familiar with the traditional ultrasound technique—but imaging technology has gone a long way since 2D ultrasound arrived in the 1970s.

A 2D Ultrasound is an old standard in sonograms. Then there are 3D ultrasounds, which show a sharper, more accurate vision of the fetus. 3D ultrasounds feature depth and shading. 4D ultrasounds introduce movement to the sonogram of the fetus.

Our ultrasound performs 2D, 3D, 4D—and 5D ultrasounds, which render the most lifelike representation of your fetus. Choose the best option, then schedule an appointment to meet your baby!

Why live stream an ultrasound?

Our high-tech software allows you to share a live feed of your ultrasound for all your loved ones. Our system limits viewers only to those that you personally invite—so you can feel safe and secure with our digital setup that prioritizes your baby’s privacy first and foremost.

Not only that, but Mommy + Me can also record and save the live video stream for you to keep as a memento, free of charge. We know how taxing it can be for members of the overseas military to spend months and years away from their loved ones—which is why we are offering this livestream bonus free of charge! Whether you choose a discounted 3D, 4D, or 5D ultrasound, you can have the utmost confidence that your family and friends, no matter how far geographically, can share your precious moment.

Is getting an ultrasound safe?

Ultrasounds are a 100% safe elective procedure. Here’s how it works: one the ultrasound machine probe sends sound waves through your womb that bounce off your baby’s body back to the probe. Using ultrasound technology, those tiny echoes are turned into an image on our screen, allowing you to see your baby for the first time. Ultrasounds can be emotional experiences that help parents viscerally connect with the presence of their growing fetus. Although Mommy + Me ultrasounds are not medically mandatory procedures, some parents find them especially crucial to their pregnancy.

Have more questions before making an appointment? Check out our FAQ for more information!

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